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7th REA Symposium, 26-29 June 2017

To support the research community in resilience, we would like to share with you the announcement of the 7th Symposium of the Resilience Engineering Association.

SEAHORSE regional event in Madrid, 18th October 2016

SEAHORSE’s final regional event is scheduled to take place in Madrid on the 18th October 2016.

WP 1 - Coordination and Management

The main aim of WP1 is to manage the SEAHORSE project, ensuring that the project objectives and deadlines are adhered to, to the full satisfaction of all the partners and of the EU (Project Officer).


WP2 - Sector Profiling: User Needs

Therefore, the main aim of the WP2 is to study the characteristics of air &maritime transport and to conduct a comparative study which will identify the operational demands (i.e. user needs) for the technology transfer.


WP 3 - Scope of Transfer and Implementation Strategy

The main aim of WP3 is to identify existing aeronautical resilience resources (solutions) utilising the operational demands (i.e. user needs) defined in WP2 and to develop an "implementation strategy" in order to adapt the identified (feasible) existing resilience resources to maritime transport.


WP4 - Development of Smart Shortcut Methodology in Maritime Transport

The main aim of WP4 is to create a bespoke "SEAHORSE Smart Shortcut Methodology" for capturing and assessing the practice of taking shortcuts as well as the potential positive and negative outcomes of the taking such shortcuts.


WP5 - Development of Multi-Level Resilience Model for Maritime Transport

The main aim of the WP5 is to develop an innovative "SEAHORSE Multi-Level Resilience Model" for maritime transport together with the virtual platform which integrates all the developed tools. This will incorporate multi levels and abilities, define operational demands on transport systems and resilience resources that may be applied and performance outcomes, including how to measure them.


WP6 - Full Scale Testing and Validation of Model

The main aim of WP6 is to ensure the quality and the validity of the innovative outputs of the SEAHORSE project as well as to measure the potential improvements through their application to the maritime transport sector.


WP7 - Awareness, Training and Dissemination

The main aim of the WP7 is to ensure that the project concepts and outputs reach the appropriate stakeholders and end-users as well as to develop necessary training modules to achieve superior acceptance of SEAHORSE outputs by the maritime transport sector.